Human Microbiota Transfer: Restoring the Core to Health


There are trillions of microbes that live in and on your body, including more than two trillion in your gut (colon). These microbes aid your digestion, immune system, and may even affect your mood. Unfortunately when your gut bacteria, your microbiome, is out of balance and in a state of dysbiosis, you are more susceptible to disease. In recent years, microbiota research has unveiled just how relevant human organic bacteria is in achieving optimal health.

Important and helpful research has been published by organizations such as the Mayo Clinic, Human Microbiome Project, universities, clinical practitioners and scientists globally to show evidence of the rewards found in human organic bacteria. 


According to Dr Natalia Shulzhenko from Oregon State University:

"Problems ranging from autoimmune disease to clinical depression and simple obesity may in fact be linked to immune dysfunction that begins with a "failure to communicate" in the human gut, the scientists say. Health care of the future may include personalized diagnosis of an individual's "microbiome" to determine what prebiotics or probiotics are needed to provide balance." The report entitled Gut microbes closely linked to proper immune function, other health issues is linked here.

The human microbiota is directly interlinked with human health as described in this article "Gut reaction: the surprising power of microbes".


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