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As a stool donor, you will help hundreds of people that struggle with digestive diseases. The Asia Microbiota Bank collects stool from healthy donors and recycles the healthy 'probiotic' bacteria from the stool. After purification and processing, the healthy bacteria are formulated for use by doctors in the human microbiota transfer therapy.


By participating in our donor program, you can earn up to $4800 each month!


Similar to a blood donor, a stool donor must go through a rigorous health screening consisting of a blood test and a stool test, checking for more than 20 different infectious pathogens. Once a prospective donor is confirmed to be disease free AND super healthy, he or she is eligible to be a part of our donor registry. 


Donors are asked to donate as frequently as possible, up to 7 times a week if possible. On average, donors will donate stool 3-4 times a week.


Do you want to become a donor and help save lives?


Can you answer yes to all of the following questions?

  • Do you have a healthy digestive system?
  • Will you be 18-50 years old during the donation period? 
  • Is your Body Mass Index (BMI) < 30?
  • Have you not taken any medicines or antibiotics in the past 3 months?


Please click here to become a donor! You will fill out a healthy survey.


What is the process to become a stool donor?

Step 1

First, fill out our DONOR APPLICATION, and then we will send you a health survey questionaire. This will demonstrate that you are a generally healthy person and eligible to move on to the next health screening.


Step 2

Second, take a blood screening test and stool screening test. We will give you the address of our diagnostic laboratory and a stool collection kit, which you deliver at your convenience to the diagnostic laboratory. 



Step 3

Third, if you pass these two screens, then congratulations!! You are a super healthy person and qualified to donate stool microbiota to the BioBank. We ask that you commit to donating 3 times a week for the first 2 months. We will also do a follow-up health check once a month. 


Save Lives

Consider a suporting the Asia Microbiota Bank through your stool microbiota donation!

Click here to learn more.

Receive Treatment

If you would like to get more information about Human Microbiota Transfer therapy, click here for more information. You may also email us directly with your inquiry so we may connect you with a medical clinician. The Asia Microbiota Bank does not conduct any medical procedures or treatments directly.

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