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Asia Microbiota Bank (AMB) is a Hong Kong based social enterprise started in 2016. AMB is devoted to health and wellness promoted through the treatment of Human Microbiota Transfer (HMT) therapy, also known as fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT). Hong Kong is one of the first cities in Asia to offer this innovative treatment, and the first in Asia to have an organized stool bank accessible to research organizations and medical institutions. 


The clinical practice of HMT therapy demonstrates many possibilities for health improvement and overall immune and digestive wellness. This revolutionary therapy can be participated in as a patient recipient or as a benefactor by donating organic matter of healthy microbiota. 


Who are we?


The Asia Microbiota Bank is founded by a group of three Hong Kong-based entrepreneurs who care about public health. We are advised by a team of doctors, professors, and scientists. This dynamic cross-border cross-culture team of scientists and doctors are working together to offer safe, effective, successful HMT for patients. 


Asia Microbiota Bank founders were motivated to open AMB after close personal friends and family experienced untreatable chronic gut related illness. It became apparent, through much research and consulting with physicians, that the only solution to achieve wellness was in human microbiota transplant. This personal crisis, then led to the formation of Asia’s first stool bank. To bring the wellness solution of HMT to patients in Asia, unable to travel to the US, Europe or Australia for treatments. It is the sincere hope and wish that AMB will foster greater health awareness and treatment opportunity, first to Hong Kong, China and then neighboring countries throughout Asia Pacific. 


We are currently recruiting new team members. If you would like more information please email us.


Quality and Safety


Safety of fecal based bacteriotherapies are primarily based on the health of the stool donors. We employ vigorous donor screening metrics, adverse event tracking, and a 90-day quarantine period to ensure that all of our HMTs are as free of pathogenic organisms as possible.


Our donor screening criteria is based off of the excellent OpenBiome qualifications, with additional criteria added for pathogenic organisms, generalized inflammation due to unknown causes, and digestive health. First, a donor must pass a 50-point health questionnaire. Next, a donor must pass a comprehensive health check-up, comprised of a more than 60 infectious disease and pathogen target panel. This donor screening process is the most rigorous of any stool bank globally.


The Asia Microbiota Bank works with a major Hong Kong-based HOKLAS certified pathology laboratory for donor screening. Additionally, our metagenomic sequencing is handled by two global companies, which also provide metagenomic sequencing for the US FDA and major universities.


To receive more detailed information on our screening protocol, please email or call us at the contact information listed.

Save Lives

Consider a suporting the Asia Microbiota Bank through your stool microbiota donation!

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Receive Treatment

If you would like to get more information about Human Microbiota Transfer therapy, click here for more information. You may also email us directly with your inquiry so we may connect you with a medical clinician. The Asia Microbiota Bank does not conduct any medical procedures or treatments directly.

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